Former Police Prison »Klapperfeld«

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This website serves the documentation of the former police prison in Frankfurt am Main, named »Klapperfeld« after the street name of its location. The building, in the heart of the inner-city of Frankfurt, was erected in 1886 and throughout its 115 years of existence was exclusively used for the repression and oppression of people.

The initiative ›Faites votre jeu!‹, which was founded as a autonomous, self-organizing cultural and political initiative, moved into the former prison at the end of April 2009, opening the building to the general public with numerous events, projects and an exhibition gallery. The ›working group history‹ is part of the initiative and it dedicates its work to a critical political approach to the prison’s past.

The menu item ›Exhibitions‹ introduces to you our permanent exhibition, which takes an in-depth look at the history of the building located at Klapperfeldstrasse 5. Our emphasis in the first part of the exhibition is laid on the national socialist history of the prison and its use by the Gestapo (Secret Police of the NS regime).

The menu item ›Archive‹ invites you to take a look at our press work with reference to what we are doing and to also have a glance at what the press is writing about us. This platform also allows you to explore our audio recordings and programmes of past events at Klapperfeld.

The current programme of what is happening at Klapperfeld can also be found at the website of the initiative »Faites votre jeu!« at:

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Just as the controversial discussion regarding the history of this particular prison continues, so does the expansion of this website continue to grow. The translation of this website is still work in progress but we will do our best to welcome an international public as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting our website and we look forward to greeting you at Klapperfeldstrasse 5.


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