The Extended Permanent Exhibition

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Even before the initiative ›Faites votre jeu!‹ moved into the former police prison at Klapperfeldstrasse N° 5 it was evident that its over 100 years old history of repression needed to be critically addressed by contextualizing it within the social reality and the capitalist developments of these era.

In August 2009 the first part of our permanent exhibition was installed in our gallery and opened to the general public. This first section of the exhibition focused particularly on the era of the social nationalist regime and on the prison’s use by the Gestapo (Secret Police of the NS regime) in the period between 1933 and 1945. In the course of the perpetual critical work on the history of the building, realised by ›Faites votre jeu!‹, the exhibition should be continuously developed further.

As a result of a very successful first year at the »Klapperfeld« the extended permanent exhibition on the history of the prison could be inaugurated already in September 2010. The exhibition includes now the historical context of the erection of the former police prison at the end of the 19th century and a description of the changes within the social approach to punishment and detention. Another part of the newly opened section of the exhibition deals with the history of the »Klapperfeld« during the Weimar Republic. The core of the exhibition remains the role of the prison during the national socialist period. During this period many persecuted people of the national socialist regime were imprisoned, tortured and some even murdered at the »Klapperfeld« prison. Many of the pursued were deported from the prison to different concentration camps or to other prisons. The representation of the certainly most cruel part of the building’s history draws on the biographies of several prisoners as well as on descriptions of ›everyday life‹ in this particular prison.

Furthermore a section on the use of the prison by the US Army during the denazification period has been added.

The extended permanent exhibition today comprises 37 tablets, 38 contemporary documents and photographs as well as two video interviews with the contemporary witnesses, Ria and Wolfgang Breckheimer and Hans Schwert. The tablet texts, the interviews and the majority of the contemporary documents can be accessed via this website.

Furthermore 76 short biographies inform about the paths of life of certain detainees and their persecution during National Socialism. You will also find a list, naming 482 other prisoners of the period between 1933 and 1945. Presently there is no further information available about their destinies. The biographies and the list of names is filed and can be studied at the exhibition in »Klapperfeld«. So far, this information in not available online.

Moreover a time bar has been installed on the ground floor of the building. It shows in a fragmented way the history of the building from its erection to its recent transformation into an autonomous and self-organizing centre by the initiative ›Faites votre jeu!‹. At the same floor, on a tablet entitled »stories which can and cannot be told«, we also address the specific perspective the initiative takes in approaching the prison’s past, especially against the background of the present use of the building as an autonomous and collectively run cultural and political centre.

The permanent exhibition is located in the cellar and ground floor of the former prison. It can be visited at all open events and on Saturdays between 3 and 6 pm (short term changes are to be found on the website). Further appointments for a visit – especially with groups or school classes – can be made with the working group ‘History’ via phone 0163 9401683 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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