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Inscriptions of people in police custody and immigration detention in Klapperfeld prison 1955–2002


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Since January 2015, the second floor of the former police custody and immigration detention/custody pending deportation in the Klapperfeldstraße is open to the public on a regular basis. There are 16 single cells and 2 group cells where people, most of them facing deportation, were detained until the prison was finally closed in 2002. These cells remain in the same condition they were found in when the initiative »Faites votre jeu!« started using the building as a self-organised centre in 2009: inscriptions in more then 30 languages can be discovered on doors, walls, tables and chairs, left by the ­people detained here over the course of five ­decades.

For visitors‘ orientation there are booklets containing over 1,000 inscriptions that were translated and documented by numerous volunteers since early 2013. In addition, audio installations featuring the voices of some of the translators aim to provide, yet ­another, acoustic approach to the inscriptions. One exhibition room is ­dedicated to present background information on the exhibition and on immigration detention at Klapperfeld - this information is also accessible online here:

The Project behind the Exhibition

Inscriptions in Immigration Detention and Police Custody at Klapperfeld

Conditions of Imprisonment and Daily Life in Detention on the Second Floor

Background Information on Immigration Detention

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Participation welcome!

Work on the translations and research on the inscriptions will continue after the opening of the exhibition. Visitors are ­cordially invited to participate in this process. In ­addition we are always keen on ­learning more regarding Klapperfeld prison as a ­police custody and immigration detention.

You may contact the members of the Working Group 2nd Floor directly on-site every first Saturday of the month during the opening hours of the exhibition or you can just write an email to:


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opening hours

on Saturdays, 3 pm to 6 pm

Free admission, donations welcome

During opening hours you can also visit a permanent exhibition on the Klapperfeld prison, focusing on how the prison was used during National Socialism.

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Solidaritätsfonds der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

ClandestIni – Solidarität mit Flüchtlingen e.V.

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